Community GeneUS

Growing A Community Together Through Genetic UpSkilling

As genetic testing becomes more prevalent, there is a need for physicians to increase their cancer genetics knowledge. Community GeneUS is designed to help physicians gain the relevant genetic counseling skills and provide better care to patients. Members of this community will receive training, access to events, and support guidance on clinical cancer genetics over two years. This community-based learning program is organized by Lucence Diagnostics and supported by the Singapore Society of Oncology.


  • Equip physicians with the relevant genetic counseling skills for test ordering
  • Offer physicians the latest updates around the best practices in genetic testing
  • Provide physicians access to a community for discussions on cancer genetics

Events for members

Foundational Clinical Cancer Genetics Workshop

This foundational workshop provides theoretical and practical training in genetic counseling and clinical cancer genetics for physicians. It aims to helps physicians better integrate genetic testing into their clinical practice. The training is conducted by Dr Min-Han Tan, Lucence’s Medical Director and a clinical cancer geneticist. This workshop is CME-accredited.

Genomics Tumor Board

The genomics tumor board brings together oncologists, geneticists and pathologists to discuss the use of genetic testing in oncology and topics of interest. It is the first national genomics tumor board in Singapore for physicians from the public and private hospitals. Meetings are organized on a regular basis throughout the year by Lucence. This event is CME-accredited.

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