NPC GOLD for Cancer Screening at the Mount Elizabeth Annual Medical Seminar

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October 18, 2017

Lucence Diagnostics (‘Lucence’) was pleased to attend the Mount Elizabeth Hospitals Annual Medical Seminar at Grand Hyatt on the 7th of October as a Silver Sponsor. At the event, Lucence was able to share the use of NPC GOLDTM as an innovative and validated screening test for detecting early-stage nasopharyngeal cancer.

Themed “Health Screening 101: Essentials Every GP Needs to Know”, the seminar was attended by more than 180 doctors from both public and private sectors.

We were so glad to meet and chat with the attendees, many of whom who signed up as partners to provide top-notch health screening in their clinics. Lucence would like to thank the organizing team in Parkway Hospitals for their tireless work putting the seminar and everyone together, advancing knowledge in primary healthcare.

Lucence Diagnostics is an international molecular diagnostic company headquartered in Singapore. To learn more about services provided by Lucence, visit our website or contact customer care at [email protected].

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