Precision Treatment Options Discussed at 4th Genomics Tumor Board

September 11, 2018

What’s the right treatment approach for a lung cancer patient with two different mutations? What are the precision medicine treatment options for a Stage 4 ovarian cancer patient? Such real-life patient cases were discussed at the 4th Genomics Tumor Board held at Mount Elizabeth Hospital on 4 September 2018.

In addition to case discussions, our CEO and Medical Director Dr Min-Han Tan presented on ‘Genetic Counseling for Oncologists: A Primer’, a topic of key interest as genetic testing is becoming more common. The session was attended by oncologists from six different public and private hospitals. We were also delighted with international expert attendance from Malaysia.

The Genomics Tumor Board is a national meeting series organized by Lucence Diagnostics for oncologists, geneticists, pathologists and bioinformaticians in Singapore to discuss and share insights on genomic-based treatment of cancer. The September meeting was supported by the Singapore Society of Oncology and AstraZeneca Singapore.

Medical professionals who would like to be updated on the date of the next Genomics Tumor Board, and the availability of webinar, can send us their details using our contact form.



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