The new way to fight cancer.

The new way to fight cancer.

Our genomic technology enables personalized cancer diagnosis and treatment selection. We analyse DNA from blood or other biological samples to tailor medical treatment and care to the individual patient.

Asia accounts for more than half of all new cancer cases in the world, and most cancer deaths occur in Asia. There is extraordinary diversity in the types of cancers and patterns of illness around the world. Our technology is customized to detect genetic mutations that are more prevalent in the Asian populations to prevent and treat cancer in this region.

Our Capabilities

  • Rapid, non-invasive and accurate liquid biopsy
  • Patented diagnostic technology supported by world-class expertise
  • Clinical and laboratory expertise in oncology recognized by international awards
  • Cost-effective tests with fast turnaround time
  • In-house genetic counseling for reliable interpretation of genetic test results

Our Liquid Biopsy Technology

Lucence develops blood tests that diagnose cancer more quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. The tests are based on our proprietary liquid biopsy technology, which detects genetic mutations from tumor DNA circulating in the blood.

The simpler way to fight cancer

  • When tumor cells die, they release DNA fragments into the blood stream called circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). ctDNA is widely used as a biomarker in cancer diagnosis and prognosis.
  • Our technology analyses these DNA fragments to identify the mutations in each patient’s tumor. Based on clinical studies, certain genetic mutations have been shown to respond better to specific targeted therapies.
  • This allows doctors to select the most appropriate cancer treatment according to the genetic mutations identified.

Early detection of cancer

Our liquid biopsy technology can be used for early cancer detection before symptoms show. Most cancers are currently detected in the late stages resulting in poor treatment outcome. The early detection of cancer will greatly improve cancer survival rate and chances of cure.

Benefits of Liquid Biopsy


Non-invasive. Requires only a single draw of blood


Results back in days for timely treatment


Detects clinically actionable genetic mutations to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment selection

Our Core Innovative Technology

Lucence’s proprietary AmpliMARK™ molecular watermarking technology is behind our flagship liquid biopsy test - LiquidHALLMARK®, the world’s first blood test that can simultaneously detect cancer-causing genes and viruses in common cancers in Asia.

Our AmpliMARK™ sequencing technology detects clinically relevant genomic alterations in the tumor including somatic mutations, microsatellite instability (MSI) and viral DNA to maximize treatment options for the patient. It is supported by our AI-powered clinical analytics engine SunTzu.AI™ and delivers higher sensitivity and accuracy than comparable approaches.

We are developing a test for the early detection of multiple cancers using this technology.

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Our Assurance

Clinically Validated

Our tests are clinically validated for accuracy and kept up to date with the latest clinical findings to provide the best possible diagnostic tests.

Accredited Laboratory

Our molecular diagnostics laboratory in Singapore is ISO 15189 accredited. We are licensed by the Ministry of Health (Singapore) as a Clinical Laboratory (Licence No. 17I0039/1/172) under the Private Hospital and Medical Clinics Act.

Quality Assurance

Our laboratory results are benchmarked with leading quality control agencies to match international standards and provide quality assurance to our customers.

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